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My name is Ganglia - Your Cricket Assistant 😛. I can send you quick schedules, popular cricket news and personalized score updates for your favorite cricket teams and players (Now in BETA!), Type a team or a player to start...
i follow india
Great, India it is....! 😛 I will update you after every wicket and also send you popular cricket news about India, you can also type - "5 overs" or "1 wicket" or "1 ball" or "25 runs" or "every boundary" or "every six" or "10 balls" or "stop" to re-configure me
every over
Aye aye captain! I will send you an update every 1 over(s) 😛. You will start receiving your personalized scores as soon as the match begins, just say "hi" anytime to re-activate me....
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Great, What else can you do?

I'm glad you ask :)

Follow Teams

Ganglia supports all your favorite international and premier league cricket teams!

i want to follow australia
Great, Australia it is....! 😛
I will update you after every wicket and also send you popular cricket news about Australia....

Follow Players (BETA)

Ganglia supports 100+ international playing worldwide cricketers

i love virat kohli
Great, You are now following Virat Kohli's Magic Moments

Personalized Live Scores

Deeply personalized score alerts, so that your never miss those magic moments!

send me scores every 10 overs....
Got it! I will send you an update every 10 overs 😛

Ball by Ball Alerts

Yes, cricket fans! Ganglia supports ball by ball alerts in near real time...

send me scores every ball
Got it! I will start sending you an updates every ball 😛

Trending News!

Ganglia sends you only the most popular news about your favorite teams / players

@BCBtigers: A rainy practice session for Bangladesh Cricket Team, they will face England in the first ODI on 7 October #BANvENG


Need to know when the match starts, Just ask Ganglia!

when is the next bangladesh game?
Bangladesh is playing it's next game on Oct 24, 2016 against England...

Unfollow a Team

Ganglia lets you unfollow any team any time...

stop guyana
Alrighty then! Stopping updates for Guyana Amazon Warriors, remember just type "hi" to activate me....

Coz sometimes you just want it to shut up.. :)

mute please
Got ya! I will stop sending updates, say hi to activate me anytime...
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Support for other sports, trivia, clips and much more...

Coming Soon, Stay Tuned 😛

Hope you have a great ;)